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Smart Search, Research
& Design

Using AI and Machine Learning for Properties

What do we do (search)
What Do We Do?

Redefining the Future of Property Search


At closerlook.ai, we revolutionize property buying with our patented AI search and research tool leveraging machine learning. Unlike traditional sites, our platform uses natural interaction for personalized searches, allowing buyers to find properties through conversational language. Our AI identifies the right property by analyzing images and data from MLS and other sources.

Imagine not being limited by dropdowns or filters but saying, “Show me homes within a 30-mile radius of Boston with top-rated schools,” and seeing results tailored exactly to your needs.



Real Estate

Integrate Revolutionary Search and Visual Staging to Your Website.

We seamlessly make it possible to add this state-of-the-art search and visual staging design to your website. Your customers can ask questions like:



Get Leads of Potential Home Buyers Directly Attract local home buyers by offering a new way to search for homes and get direct leads. We can provide a white-label service so you can build your own funnel.


Compare images &
data of properties

Gone are the times where you need to print images and data to compare properties. Our comparison tool can show images of kitchens and baths side by side for you to compare.

Recent Works

Discover our recent works and see how we've transformed ideas into visually stunning and functional masterpieces.


Manny Arora
Manny Arora is an integral part of the Closerlook team. With a diverse portfolio of eighteen properties across multiple states in the US, he manages a range of real estate assets. His portfolio includes multi-family units, single-family homes, duplex condos, lakefront cottages, and office spaces in the downtown area. Having personally experienced the challenges of property searching, Manny explored various websites, printed numerous pages, and collected images to compare properties. He even enlisted the help of designers and handymen to visualize the future appearance of these properties. Now, with Closerlook, he believes these issues can be resolved. Manny is excited to contribute to the team’s mission and is confident that their technical expertise and network connections will revolutionize the traditional property search process, benefiting both investors and home buyers. Manny has a strong foundation in the retail industry and real estate. He founded IMWireless and grew it to 30+ physical stores.
Thomas Arul
Advisor & Lead Investor
Thomas Arul is a serial entrepreneur and technologist with 25+ years of experience in AI, Blockchain, and e-commerce. He is the President and co-founder of Abris.io, an AI and Web3 company. As an investor and board member, Thomas supports early-stage tech companies. He is a board member and lead investor for Nextuple Inc. Thomas shares insights on Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, AI, and Web3 as a speaker and TEDx presenter. Previously, Thomas was the Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Expicient Inc., which specialized in Omni Channel Commerce. Expicient grew from 2 to 280 employees, served 75+ top retailers, and achieved over $150 million in sales since inception. The company was acquired by Publicis Groupe in 2015.
Siva Ragavan
Siva Ragavan is a technology veteran with more than 20 years of experience leading high-output teams at several successful startups as well as at household names like Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon. He brings a deep understanding of AI, Blockchain, Distributed Computing, Cryptographic Algorithms, and Cross-platform Applications combined with a passion for turning them into exceptional customer experiences.
Priya Samant
Priya Samant is a social tech entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in technology, arts, policy making, and the entertainment domain. She also serves as an India-US relations strategic & impact advisor. Priya is the director of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly at the United Nations and is also an Impact Advisor for cause and culture-based Bollywood movies.


Lack of Interactive Visualization

Most platforms provide static images, leaving much to the imagination. Closerlook.ai addresses this by offering virtual staging tools and the ability to visualize changes like wall colors or kitchen remodels. This helps buyers better understand how a space can suit their personal style or needs before they visit, making the search more efficient and personalized.

Lack of interactive Visuals 2

Limited Search Capabilities

Traditional real estate websites often rely on basic filters like location, price, and property type. Closerlook.ai solves this by enabling searches through natural language, allowing buyers to describe their needs in their own words, such as searching for homes within a certain distance of highly rated schools, which traditional platforms may not support directly.

What do we d

Difficulty in Visualizing Potential

Many buyers struggle to see beyond the current state of a property. Your platform's ability to virtually stage rooms or suggest renovations like kitchen remodels helps buyers visualize the home's potential, addressing a significant gap in the current market.

lack of personalizatoin search

Inadequate Personalization

The real estate industry often lacks personal touch in online searches, with most sites offering the same experience to all users. Closerlook.ai's conversational interface creates a more personalized search experience, closely mimicking the interaction with a real estate agent but with the convenience of digital access.

lack of personalization
3 bedroom min | Contemporary kitchen | Houses with Brick Wall | Entrance facing north | Houses with Brick Wall 4 beds | Houses with white roof | Houses with Solar panel | 4 bed | less than 1 million in Cambridge, MA | Multi Family in Somerville less than 1.2 million | Large back yard | outdoor swimming pool | 4 bed in andover, MA | Between 1.5-2 million | 1 bed condo near MIT